Impex Continental collaborates with manufacturers of fully automatic complete lines for the production, packaging and palletizing disposable hygienic products: baby diapers, lady sanitary napkins, incontinence products, bed underpads, fluid absorbing pads.

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Absorbent Hygiene Converting Machinery Production Lines

Impex Continental is agent of DIATEC srl, one of the leading expert in the world of hygiene technology. Its international focus and capability to create completely automated systems are the basis of its worldwide success. Diatec could be your partner who is able to offer a wide range of products and services and whose extensive solution and process expertise allow quick and efficient response to market trends.

Located in the "Diaper Valley" of Italy, in Pescara. Diatec was established in 1992 and is world renowned for the clean design, high quality and reliability of its machinery. Technology development is Diatec's core business.

DIATEC can offer you machinery for:
• Baby Diapers
• Sanitary Napkins
• Panty Shields
• Incontinence Products
• Underpads
• Food Pad
• Laminating
• Spooling and Material Handling

The Company continuously proposes new solutions to the market - a market that requires constant innovation. Diatec designs and builds complete ranges of disposable sanitary products converting machinery for the production of baby diapers, adult incontinence products, sanitary napkins, panty shields and underpads.
During these last years Diatec has invested in the development of its technology, exploiting know how in disposable products, on absorbent  food pad production used on food packaging. The Diatec technology also develops a new section in Laminating lines for the production of high quality laminates, spooling and material handling.

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