Impex Continental is agent of DM PACK who in 15 years' of experience creates, designs, develops and manufactures a vast range of packaging machinery: from machinery for entry level packaging and entry level cartoning machines to customised, tailor-made systems for all sectors and customised lines for primary and secondary packaging.
DM Pack specialise in packaging 360° and management of complete solutions for each new product.

DM PACK designs and manufactures all its packaging machinery in Italy. In recent years, innovation in the design of our machinery had the main objective of offering high performance and guaranteeing the user an easy to use machine.

From the smallest to the most extensive, from the cheapest to the most expensive, DM PACK machines must be a performing tool in product packaging. This is why their packaging, L-shaped sealers, side sealing & flowpack, heat shrinking tunnel , sleeve wrapper bundler, cartoning, tray packer and wrap around machines were all designed to perform most of their movements electronically, capable of saving and referencing "recipe" programs on a touch screen, avoiding time wasting with manual adjustments.

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