Christian SENNING  Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG – Production Lines for Handkerchiefs, Wrapping Machines for Table Napkins, Handkerchiefs, Facial Tissues, Towels,  miscellaneous Non-Woven Products.

Impex Continental is agent of Christian SENNING Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co.KG, one of the leading suppliers of wrapping machines for tissue and paper products, like handkerchiefs, napkins, facial tissues, towels and non-woven products.

The company founder Christian Senning started his business in 1949 by repairing machines for the local cigarette industry. A short while later, he started designing his own machines for packaging consumable goods in cellophane.
Today, Christian Senning Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG is a mechanical engineering company with approx. 100 employees at its headquarters in Bremen, Germany.
Senning sells 85% of its wrapping machines in foreign markets all over the world.

Long-standing excellent connections to customers allowed for the buildup of a reliable system of commercial representations all over the world. Consequently, Sales Department together with the After-Sales-Service ensure a permanent international presence for their customers.

Senning can offer you:
- PRODUCTION LINES FOR HANDKERCHIEFS: Folding Machine, Single Wrapper, Labeller/Taper for resealable packages, Bundle Wrapper
- TABLE NAPKIN WRAPPERS: Single stack; Single / Double stack; Bulk pack
- NON-WOVEN WRAPPERS flat in single or double stack with up to 80 packs per minute.

Senning know-how is based on decades of experience, on technical creativity and on a feeling for the products wrapped by Senning machines.

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